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Writer of both fiction and nonfiction works.

Twelve and a Half Hearts

A novel about love, rejection, and one girl's journey through it all
About me

Ian Cahill currently lives in the Midwest, where he makes his home near Kansas City with his beautiful wife and three children. As a novelist, poet and writer of blog posts, articles, prose and other content I can help you with whatever writing needs you may have, just reach out!

Here are some places you can find me and my writing. 

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Twelve & A Half Hearts

She is perfect. She is beautiful. She has a secret. Follow Sue Anderson and the relationships she forms along the way, from high school valedictorian through her thirties, as she attempts to overcome a devastating discovery. Hear her story through the eyes of those who cross her path. They share in her joys and pains as she pushes and pulls them in and out of her life.

No Such Luck

Read Rio is a man who has everything but has lost so much. Five years ago, he was at the top; he won the largest lottery jackpot in history, and his future was bright. Fast forward. His wife, his friends, and his family have left him. Only his various vices keep him afloat. After the foggy memory of a chance encounter resurfaces, he sets out on a mission to offer a job to a girl he knew for a total of four hours back in college. When she accepts, he grapples with thoughts of love and self-destruction, something he has perfected.

Luck Be A Lady

Read Rio's life has changed. After being left standing in a warehouse, the love of his life gone, he was given a second chance. Fast forward five years, and he is no longer living the life of debauchery in the city, but is settled into a quiet community where his vices are limited. A sudden phone call from his brother finds him returning to his home town to deal with family matters he would rather ignore. When he gets there, he finds himself dealing more with his own issues than those of his family.

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